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Micro+™ Smokerlyzer® - Breathe Carbon Monoxide Monitor
Micro+™ Smokerlyzer® - Breathe Carbon Monoxide Monitor
The Micro+™ Smokerlyzer® CO monitor is the new and improved version of the revolutionary Micro+™ Smokerlyzer®. The Micro+™ Smokerlyzer® is a longstanding benchmark device used in clinical trials and research and is the one CO monitor for all your testing needs.


  • The monitor provides instant results shown in exact ppm, %COHb and %FCOHb, which makes recording and interpreting patient’s results quick and easy.
  • Analyses carboxyhaemoglobin and carbon monoxide.
  • The colour touch screen is quick and easy use, with visual prompts for patients during each test to ensure correct results every time.
  • There is automatic calibration and D-piece renewal reminders to prolong the life of your monitor, ensure accurate readings and increase infection control.
  • The monitor has built in SteriTouch technology to ensure optimum infection control. 
  • There is the familiar green, amber and red traffic light system, making CO levels instantly identifiable to patients.
  • The monitor provides adult and adolescent profiles to ensure maximum motivation to stop smoking. Testing modes for adults, adolescents and pregnant women. 
  • D-pieces are used in conjunction with the monitor to filter out 99.9% of airborne bacteria and single-use Steribreath™ mouthpieces for excellent, low cost infection control. 
  • The Micro+ has storage for up to 100 readings and personal profiles. 
  • The monitor is PC interactive with COdata+ software, free with Micro+ Smokerlyzer®.  

Benefits to the user

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